Shatter Me Series in Order (11 Books) (2024)

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Written by Taherah Mafi, Shatter me series in order have crashed the market being New York Times bestseller and USA Today Bestselling series of the year.

TAHEREH MAFI is not only a trending author but also a Longlisted writer for National Book Award 2023. She belongs to a small city in Connecticut and currently resides in California.

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Shatter Me Series in Order (11 Books)

1. Shatter Me (#1) (2011)

Shatter Me Series in Order

Rated: 3.9/5 on Goodreads; 4.4/5 on Amazon

Juliette Ferrars is a young girl of seventeen who possesses the ability to kill anyone by extracting their energy through her touch, due to which, she’s confined in an asylum on account of accidentally killing a young boy .

But things turn different, when she gets a new roommate named Adam Kent. At the back of her mind, something is beckoning her to remember where she has met him before but fighting against those thoughts, she goes on with the flow.

The Reestablishment, a government that has the world within its grasp, is suddenly looking for her and on top of that Adam comes out to be a soldier for Aaron Warner, the leader of Sector 45. Warner strikes a deal with her where she has to torture their prisoners and instead will get her freedom back.

In the meantime, Juliette and Adam have gotten romantically invoked and plan to escape together from the grasps of Warner but on their way out, Warner’s hand brushes Juliette’s ankle but nothing. Nothing happens. Warner is immune to her.

Will she turn herself in to the government and become their pet dog or will she escape! To where?!

2. Destroy Me (#1.5) (2012)

Shatter Me Series in Order

Rated: 4.1/5 on Goodreads; 4.3 on Amazon

Contrasting to the first book in the series, the second book is written in Warner’s perspective, the ruthless leader of Sector 45 where he narrates the events, starting with Juliette firing a bullet in his arm.

Juliette escapes with Adam’s help to his 10-year-old brother James’s small apartment but Adam must reside with the soldiers where he comes to know about Kenji Kishimoto who claims that Warner had him tortured in order to know Adam and Juliette’s whereabouts. He encourages them to split up as he knows a well hidden place.

They are caught! Warner shoots Adam and puts Juliette behind. Will she be able to escape and save Adam on time!

3. Unravel Me (#2) (2013)

Shatter Me Series in Order

Rated: 4.2/5 on Goodreads; 4.6/5 on Amazon

Juliette is hiding in a secret bunker set up for people like her, mutants. She is happy that people like her exist but nobody except her has the power to kill. This shelter is called Omega point.

Castle, the man who runs Omega point believes in her abilities and power, and does not like others fear her touch. He sets Juliette to training so she can control her power. He has decided to rebel against the government.

Meanwhile, Adam comes clear on the fact that he has the power to dissolve other’s powers and since he is with Juliet all his energy goes into dissipating her power. Both of them are in need of controlling their powers in order to survive without killing each other and to save the world.

War breaks out between the government and Omega point, Warner is captured and held captive. Will Omega point win, or is it their time to fall!

4. Fracture Me (#2.5) (2013)

Shatter Me Series in Order

Rated: 3.4/5 on Goodreads; 4/5 on Amazon

Omega Point is set to have a war with sector 45 no matter what. Adam’s breakup with Juliette is a seeping wound and on top of that, his brother is in danger and he’s about to lose his friend. With all this going on, war is hovering over their heads.

Suddenly, everyone is out on the field, in the midst of war. It’s him against his half brother, Warner, who had escaped Omega Point recently. But it’s not just a war, it’s them against the Sector 45, the reestablishment. Will they be able to win against all odds!

5. Ignite Me (#3) (2014)

Shatter Me Series in Order

Rated: 4.5/5 on Goodreads; 4.7 on Amazon

The war has ended. Omega Point is destroyed. They have taken down The Reestablishment once and for all.

Juliette has no idea if the rebels are alive or if her friends are alive. The only thing she knows is that Warner saved her life. Right now, the only person she can rely on is Warner.

He promises he’ll help her find everyone and save the world from dying. Will they be able to restore the world or is Warner plotting something again!

6. Restore Me (#4) (2018)

Shatter Me Series in Order

Rated: 4.2/5 on Goodreads; 4.6/5 on Amazon

Juliette is now the supreme commander after overtaking the Reestablishment. She’s overwhelmed with the responsibilities with a continuous tension building between her and Warner as she came to know it was Warner who had tortured her sister Emmaline.

Juliette has to figure out how to rule and collaborate with other commanders across the world. She has to learn to maintain diplomatic ties without breaking into war again.

Suddenly there’s a reply of the diplomatic letter she had sent to Oceania. But it’s an informal reply, “Can’t wait to see you.” Does the commander of oceania know her! If yes, how, why!

7. Shadow Me (#4.5) (2019)


Rated: 4.1/5 on goodreads; 4.4/ 5 on Amazon

Juliette is betrayed by Warner and she’s coping up with it, trying her best to move on. In the meantime, Kenji has become a commander of his section and struggles to balance his friendship with Juliette.

But, out of nowhere there surfaces someone who’s going to change everything. Who could it be! What’s going to happen!

8. Defy Me (#5) (2019)

Shatter me series in order

Rated: 4.3/ 5 on Goodreads; 4.7/ 5 on Amazon

Juliette’s tenure of being a commander has ended drastically over a short period of time. She thought she would manage everything without ever letting war strike again but without Warner’s help, she’s not able to handle one sector how’s she going to stop war!

9. Reveal Me (#5.5) (2019)

Shatter me series in order

Rated: 4/5 on goodreads; 4.4/ 5 on Amazon

It’s a tough call, Kenji and Nazeera are arguing and fighting over all kinds of misunderstandings and deceptions that they have given one another. Everyone’s trying to find allies including Juliette, searching among friends and family.

In the meantime, a scream piercing the heavens and the skies is heard. “Don’t do this….. ” Someone was shouting, begging for their life. What’s going on, who’s dying and who’s killing! It’s the start of a new riot!

10. Imagine Me (#6) (2020)

Shatter me series in order

Rated: 4.0/ 5 on Good reads; 4.6/ 5 on Amazon

Elle and Warner are in love, even though Elle has some of her memory forgotten, like little pieces of her memory deleted completely including where Warner had proposed to her.

Emmaline is holding control of Elle’s body and Warner is trying to hold them apart. From thin air, they’re again in the midst of chaos. Kenji jumps in to separate them but Emmaline has done something to Elle, something to her mind.

Elle has changed completely and over night has become a threat to the section. Her powers have immensely increased. Section elders are thinking of killing her. Everyone is agreeing. Will Warner be able to stop the bloodshed or is he going to lose Elle to the section!

11. Believe Me (#6.5) (2021)

Shatter me series in order

Rated: 4.2/ 5 on goodreads; 4.6/ 5 on Amazon

Juliette and Warner have given their everything to stop and bring down the reestablishment. They have fought hard. They have struggled together after the breakdown to keep everything going.

But will they be able to think about themselves now or will there be chaos coming again as there’s never a day without shadows. Will they be able to marry and live together or is something lurking in the shadows again!

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