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With the new season of magazines out there, we at PoetryMama have come back with a new refreshing list of best paid poetry contests of 2024, because we acknowledge the amount of blood, sweat and tears it takes for writers to find the perfect platforms for their work.

Our list consists of the world renowned magazines, established publishing sites, authors and poets who are eager to publish and support new budding writers.

(If you are interested in contests without any entry fee, we got you too. Click on the link down below)


List of Paid Poetry Contests:

1. Writerwerx University Annual Poetry Contest

Deadline: May 31st, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time.

Entry fee: $10 USD

Guidelines: Submit a PDF of an English-language poem of 100 words or less containing only the poem itself and the title of the poem. The title will not be counted toward the word count limit. Both unpublished and previously published poems are welcomed. Any extraneous information such as email addresses, author names, or illustrations on the entry will disqualify the entry.

1st place receives $100 USD in cash paid via PayPal and $500 in editorial service credits.
2nd place receives $50 USD in cash paid via PayPal and $100 in editorial service credits.
3rd place receives $20 USD in cash paid via PayPal and $50 in editorial service credits.


2. The Rattle Poetry Prize

Deadline: Tue, Jul 16, 2024 12:30 PM

Entry Fee: $30

Guidelines: Open to writers, worldwide; poems must be written primarily in English. No previously curated works, or works accepted for curation elsewhere. Simultaneous submissions are allowed. Up to four poems are accepted. Poems may be any length, any style, or any subject.

Prize: One $15,000 Winner and ten $500 Finalists will be selected; one $5,000 Readers’ Choice Award will then be chosen from among the finalists by subscribers and entrant vote.

3. Swamp Pink Poetry Prize

Deadline: Sat, Jun 1, 2024 3:30 PM

Entry fee: $3

Guidelines: submit a set of 3-6 poems. We accept simultaneous submissions for all genres.

Prize: $40


Deadline: Sunday 3oth June 2024

Entry fee: £6 per poem

Guidelines: Poets may submit up to 3 poems, 5 pages maximum. Previously published poems are not eligible. Simultaneous submissions are accepted.


1st Prize – £500

2nd Prize – £250

3rd Prize – £100

17 runners-up, specially commended entries and publication in a future anthology.

5. Wingword Poetry Competition

Deadline: June 2024

Entry fee:  one poem, three poems, five poems and ten poems is INR 1000, INR 2000, INR 3000, INR 5000 respectively.

Guidelines: poet must be an Indian national, resident of India or a person of Indian origin to enter the competition. Any length and style of poetry is accepted. Previously published poems are allowed.

Prize: 1st Prize: INR 50,000 + Book Publication

2nd Prize: INR 30,000

3rd Prize: INR 20,000

The top 10 rankholders will receive INR 10,000

100 Commendable Mentions are published in the annual Wingword anthology

6. Magma Open Poetry Pamphlet Competition 2024

Deadline:Midnight UK time on Monday 1 July 2024

Entry fee: £22, or £16 if you are a Magma subscriber.

Guidelines: 18-20 pages of poems are accepted. Maximum 40 lines per page. All poems must be your original work. Poems must be in the English language or any of its dialects. No translations. Simultaneous submissions are allowed.


  • publication of the winning pamphlet + launch reading.
  • shortlist of 10 will each get a paragraph of feedback from the judge
  • shortlisted poets will have a poem published on our website.

7. The 2024 Perkoff Prize

Deadline: Open

Entry fee: $4

Guidelines: Poems up to 8-20 pages are accepted. Simultaneous submissions are welcome. Entries must be previously unpublished.

Prize: $1000 and publication

8. The Adrift Chapbook Competition

Deadline: Tue, Jul 16, 2024 9:30 AM

Entry fee: $25.00

Guidelines: 15-40 pages of poetry are accepted. Poems may have been published individually, but not as a collection. Simultaneous submissions are accepted.

Prize: $750 and 20 copies of their chapbook. If a runner-up is chosen, they will be awarded $350, 20 contributor copies, and the same level of marketing and distribution.

9. Laux/Millar RR Poetry Prize | 2024

Deadline: Sun, Jun 2, 2024 9:30 AM

Entry fee: $3

Guidelines:  Submit up to 5 previously unpublished poems of any style or sensibility. Simultaneous submissions are accepted. 


  • First Prize includes $500 USD and publication in the prize issue, both print and online.
  • Finalists will receive standard $15 payment along with publication.
  • Honorable Mentions will be considered for publication and standard payment.

10. 2024 Poetry Contest: Donika Kelly (Domestic and International)

Deadline: Fri, Aug 2, 2024 10:30 AM

Entry fee: $20

Guidelines: Submit a packet of up to 5 poems. Multiple submissions are welcome, as are simultaneous submissions. accept only previously unpublished work for publication.

Prize: Cash prize and print publication in BWR 51.2.The first runner-up in each genre (Nonfiction, Poetry, Fiction, and Flash) receives monetary compensation, acknowledgment in the print issue, and online publication.

11. The NARRATIVE’S SIXTEENTH Annual Poetry Contest

Deadline: July 18, 2024, at midnight, Pacific Daylight Time..

Entry fee: $26 with three months of complimentary access to Narrative Backstage.

Guidelines: Submissions may contain up to five poems. Submission should give a strong sense of your style and range. They accept submissions of all poetic forms and genres but do not accept translations.

Prize: First Prize is $1,500, Second Prize is $750, Third Prize is $300, and up to ten finalists will receive $75 each. All entries will be considered for publication.

12. Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year Competition 2024

Deadline: 7 June, 2024

Entry fee: $5/poem

Guidelines: No more than 60 lines long.

Prize: $1,000 is awarded, plus publication of the manuscript and 50 free books. Must be the poet’s original work. No simultaneous submission.

13. POET HUNT 29

Deadline: Sun, Jun 16, 2024 3:30 PM

Entry fee: $15.00

Guidelines: entry may consist of up to 5 poems at no more than 200 lines each. Poems submitted may not be previously published and must be the original work of the contestant. Simultaneous submissions are accepted.

Prize: One (1) First Place Winner will receive a prize of $500 and publication. Up to two (2) Honorable Mentions may also be awarded and published. Each entrant will receive one free issue of The MacGuffin that includes the winners of POET HUNT 29.

14. Write By The Sea Poetry Contest

Deadline: Friday 21st June 2024

Entry fee: €10 per entry, or enter 3 pieces, in the same or different genres, for €25.

Guidelines: Entries must be the original work of the entrant and should not have been previously published. All entries must be in English. Maximum 40 lines.

Prize: 1st: €500; 2nd prize of € 300; 3rd prize of €200

15. Fiction Factory Poetry Prize

Deadline: 30th June, 2024

Entry fee: $5

Guidelines: Any poem submitted must be 40 lines or fewer. Submitted poems must be previously unpublished.

Prize: £100 cash prize, as well as feedback on five poems they have written. They will also benefit from an hour-long mentorship Zoom call with the judge to talk about their poetry.


Deadline: 30th June 2024.

Entry fee: £5 per poem, or £13 for three poems and £4 per poem thereafter in the same

Guidelines: The competition is open to anyone aged 16 or over. Poems should be in English and must not have been published either in print or online. Must be no longer than 50 lines.


1st prize  £600

2nd prize £300

3rd prize £150

The Ware Sonnet Prize of £150 awarded for the best sonnet submitted.

17. The Poetry London Prize

Deadline: June 30, 2024.

Entry fee: For Poetry London subscribers the entry fee is £5 per poem; for non-subscribers it is £10.

Guidelines: The competition is open to poets anywhere in the world. Entries must be in English. Entries must not have been previously published or self-published. The maximum length is 80 lines.


First Prize £5,000
Second Prize £2,000
Third Prize £1,000.

18. Swamp Pink  Annual Contest

Deadline: January 1st to January 31st, 2024

Entry fee: $20

Guidelines: Set of 1-3 poems are accepted. Simultaneous submissions are

Prize: $2,000 and publication

19. Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards 2024

Deadline: February 1, 2024

Entry fee: $18.00

Guidelines: Up to five unpublished poems per person will be accepted. Each poem should be no longer than two manuscript pages.

Prize: Awards the first prize of $2000, the second prize of $1000, and the third prize of $500 for a single poem.



Works published between January 1 and June 30 are to be submitted
and postmarked no later than June 30. Submissions must be received
by JULY 7, 2024.

Works published between July 1 and December 31 are to be submitted
and postmarked no later than December 31. Submissions must be
received by January 7, 2024.

Entry fee: Not mentioned.

Guidelines: Submissions must come from publishers. No SELF-PUBLISHING BOOK is eligible. All books must carry an ISBN.

Prize: Winner will receive C$130,000 and the other shortlisted poets will each receive C$10,000.

21. The 46th Nimrod Literary Awards

Deadline: January 1, 2024 to April 1, 2024

Entry fee: $20

Guidelines: 3-10 pages of poetry are permitted. No previously published works or works accepted for publication elsewhere.


First Prize: $2,000 and publication
Second Prize: $1,000 and publication

The winners will also take part in a virtual Awards Ceremony and reading in the fall of the contest year. All finalists in fiction and poetry will be published and paid at our standard publication rate of $10/page. Semi-finalists in poetry will also be published and paid at our standard publication rate.

22. -1000 Below: Flash Prose and Poetry Contest 2024

Deadline: March 1st to June 1st, 2024

Entry fee: $10 per entry (unlimited entries)

Guidelines: Up to 2 poems per entry are allowed with up to 50 words per poem. No more than one poem per page. All submissions will be considered for publication.

Prize: First Prize: $500 + publication in Midway Journal

Second Prize:$250 + publication in Midway Journal

Third Prize: $50 + publication in Midway Journal

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  1. I started writing poetry late, have won an international award, and been published after retirement why are so many contests for children and young poets only modern stuff, there is value in tradition, and learning, insight, and experience come with age.

  2. Gayathri Krishnamoorthy

    I would like to write regularly for a site or magazine on a payment basis.Presently am on allpoetry.I just discovered, Poetry is one of my passionate strengths

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